Lora Lynn Fanning remembers fondly her first taste of writing success when at the age of 5 she authored a highly lauded book about a chicken. That the praise came solely from her mother never bothered her one bit. In the years since, Lora Lynn continues to write, teach, and tell stories of humans and animals alike with her signature moxie, determination, and humor. For the last 12 years, that writing has been on the internet at Vitafamiliae. Readers came from near and far (and often!) to read the stories of her life in the South with her husband, Andrew, and seven children. When she’s not reading, writing, or sleeping drinking coffee, Lora Lynn can be found nurturing the art of writing in the next generation of wordsmiths. She teaches homeschool co-ops and in-person classes in addition to online courses through BraveWriter, including the class she developed – Journaling Jumpstart. She also enjoys doing workshops for families and teachers to help ease the pain of learning to write. You can find Lora Lynn’s words in print (Mother LettersBorn Again Dirt) and in various corners of the world wide web (SimpleHomeschools.net, Radical.net, Blissfully Domestic). She is currently trying her hand at long-form historical fiction, but at this point, it has yet to feature a chicken. 

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